11 Steps to Healthy Raw Plant-Based

As many people living a plant-based life progress in their health journey, they eventually find themselves interested in eating more raw foods.

This is because eating a healthy raw/high raw diet, in addition to the other elements of healthy living (sleep, water, sunshine, healthy relationships, exercise etc) in my opinion, is the ultimate goal for the highest level of health.

Raw foods have not been heated above approx 118F so that their enzymes, vitamins and minerals stay in tact and are in abundance.  These foods cleanse, hydrate, build and support a healthy body, mind and spirit. Live food for a live body!

Raw foods also have absolutely everything we need (carb, fat, protein, minerals, vitamins etc) and nothing we don’t.  When the body is free from high levels of mucus, toxins and debris, the amount of energy, health and vitality one can experience is endless.

11 Steps to Healthy Raw Vegan

  1. Discover your WHY

  2. Educate yourself

  3. What the HCLFV lifestyle looks like

  4. Ripen and rotate fruit

  5. Smoothies

  6. Dips and dressings

  7. Kitchen utensils

  8. Understand detox and challenges

  9. Understand cravings

  10. Get a blood test

  11. Get a Health Coach if needed

1. Discover your WHY

Your why could be any number of reasons.  Some examples might be:

  • I’m sick and want to… (example: have more energy, heal from a disease, heal my depression, get rid of my acne etc.  be specific)

  • I’m feeling good but want to feel my absolute best

  • I want to be more in tune with my spiritual nature

Once you’ve discovered any combinations of WHY which are powerful for you write it down in a positive tone.

My WHY: I’m a healthy raw/high raw Vegan because I want to thrive in my body, mind and spirit. I clear up my acne, have an abundance of energy, mental clarity and purpose.  I’m at peace within my body and mind and tap into my spiritual nature daily.  I choose whole raw plant based foods, with an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and some nuts and seeds every day.

Keep your WHY somewhere you can see it everyday.  The inside of a bathroom mirror is a good place to keep it and look at it while brushing your teeth in the morning 🙂

2.Educate yourself

Knowing how to eat a raw food diet properly so that you get enough calories and eat appropriate amounts of carbs, fats and protein takes some time and education. Reading books such at 80 10 10 by Dr. Douglas Graham is a good start.

I personally subscribe to a high fruit, lower fat raw vegan lifestyle, also called high carb, low fat, vegan (HCLFV).  With this lifestyle you will eat an abundance of fruit, vegetables, greens and a smaller amount of nuts and seeds.  I love this way of eating because of the abundance of delicious fruit and high level of satiation. Most people also feel energetic, happy, have good digestion and glowing skin fairly quickly.

3. What the HCLFV lifestyle looks like


Breakfast:  Whole ripe fruit or green juice or smoothie

Lunch: Whole ripe fruit or green juice or smoothie

Dinner: Whole ripe fruit or green juice or smoothie and then a large green salad

High Raw:

Breakfast:  Whole ripe fruit or green juice or smoothie

Lunch: Whole ripe fruit or green juice or smoothie

Dinner: A large green salad and a low fat plant-based cooked dinner

Sleep:  approx 7-10 hours

Water: approx 2 liters per day

Sunshine & Nature: Get outside and soak up vitamin D, walk barefoot in the soil and breath in fresh air daily

Move your body: Move your lymph and sweat daily

Conscious living:  Consciously create your life with mediation, journaling, affirmation and visualization

Healthy relationships:  Strive to be around people who uplift you and allow you to be you.  Conversely, allow others to be themselves and inspire them by being an example of a healthy, non -judgmental Vegan!

4. Ripen and rotate your fruit

The HCLFV lifestyle requires that you have ripe fruit on hand at all times.  To do this you must purchase and ripen your fruit in batches.  Freezing some of the fruit, once it’s ripe is also a way to keep fruit in rotation.  Your fruit should be soft, fragrant and sweet.

***Eating greens such as romaine, celery and other lettuces with your fruit will help balance any blood sugar issues you may presently have.

5. Smoothies

Smoothies are an excellent way to eat/drink your fruit’s and greens.

For optimal digestion, mix 1-3 fruits only with greens.  Add a few high quality super foods if you wish.

***Greens have minerals in them that will balance the sugars found in the fruit. This is highly recommended especially for those with blood sugar issues.

Example:  5 ripe spotty bananas (3 room temp, 2 frozen), 1 cup wild frozen blueberries, 1/2 pound of spinach, spirulina and barley grass juice powder.

6. Dips & Dressings

Learning how to make a few key raw dips and dressing will increase the chance of staying raw for most people.   This will make veggies and greens taste delicious and in my opinion, help keep the diet balanced and varied and more fun.

Sample Dips & Dressings (add more liquid for dressings, less for dips):

Mashed homemade guacamole

Tomato and mango with basil blended

Macadamia nut, pine nut, lemon juice, pinch of sea salt

7. Kitchen Utensils

In reality you could only use a knife and cutting board to be successful on a HCLFV lifestyle.  Here are some additional items that I suggest:

High speed blender (Vitamix)


Food processor

Nut Milk Bag

8. Understand detox and challenges

As the body starts to cleanse it might experience some uncomfortable sensations. This is because raw fruits and vegetables tend to loosen and break up toxins stored inside the body which will need to exit.

When this happens some people might experience diarrhea or constipation, headaches, aches and pains, mood swings, exhaustion etc.  It’s important to drink fluids and rest as much as possible when this happens.

Additionally, look at this as a blessing because these are signs the body is on it’s way to accelerated health. If the cleansing process becomes too intense there is no shame in slowing down a bit.  One way to do this is to have more, whole plant-based cooked foods and some people swear by an enema or a colonic!

9. Understand Cravings

When processed foods and cooked foods are eliminated from the diet, cravings will appear at first.  Curb the sugar cravings with an abundance of fruit, salt cravings with more celery, tomatoes and watermelon, cooked foods with a small amount of nuts and seeds and savory sauces that have an abundance of herbs.

The best news is that after a short time taste buds change dramatically and so will the cravings.

 10. Get a blood test

Know what’s going on inside you right now so you can watch all of the positive changes when you test yourself again in 6 months to a year!

Check specifically for D3, B12 and Iodine in addition to the standard tests.

11. Get a health coach if needed

A Health Coach is someone who has done specific training on how to help you reach your health goals.  They are not nutritionist or dietitians, however, they often have a passion for health and have studied various diets and lifestyle options.

Try working with a raw foodist you trust who has been successful for a long time and has the health and vitality your are looking for.