35 Hours Traveling as a Raw Vegan from Florida to New Zealand

A few weeks ago, I started my journey from Florida to the UK to New Zealand. The flying time was approximately 35 hours. I was a bit nervous about how eating raw was going to work but I decided to give it a go and it was a success. Not only did I feel better physically when flying but I also think I got over any jet lag quicker.

I find when flying my appetite naturally decreases and my hydration needs go up dramatically.  Because of this eating less in quantity and only eating water rich foods is extremely beneficial.

For my trip to the UK, I packed ripe bananas, dates, cucumber, celery and tangerines. Before I left, I made sure I drank a very large banana smoothie so I wasn’t hungry for the first few hours of flying. Ripe, whole bananas do not travel well so I packed them very carefully inside my carry on bag on top of everything else and ate them first.
I ate the rest of my fruit and veg but overall drank more water than anything else.

When I got to the UK, I went to straight to Waitrose and had a smoothie and stocked up on coconut water,  apples, celery, cucumber, dates, tangerines, pomegranate and macadamia nuts. I ate a bit and mostly drank coconut water and then slept for a few hours in a hotel before heading back off to the airport.

My next flight was a six hour flight from the UK to Qatar. I had quite a bit of fruit from Waitrose left over and I bought 4 bottles of coconut water in the airport. The coconut water I was able to buy was pasteurized but kept me well hydrated on the flight. In advance, I chose a  fruit menu on my next few flights so while they were not substantial, they helped get me through the flight.

In Qatar, I bought more coconut water and pretty much only drank that and the fruit given to me on the plane for the next 15 hours flight to Sydney.

In Sydney, I found a smoothie shop that fortunately had incredible cut up watermelon for sale. I spent a fortune but stocked up on watermelon and ate that along with coconut water until landing in New Zealand.

When I finally landed in Wellington, NZ I really only wanted water. Eventually, I ate a small bowl of a quinoa, veggie salad, my Fiancee’s Mom had made specially for us (how sweet) and went to sleep.

The next week in NZ was easy to be mostly raw as it was Summer and the temperate fruit was excellent. On days when I didn’t feel I got enough calories, I steamed a sweet potato and put it into my large salad at dinner.

Overall, traveling was a success eating mostly raw vegan. Note: On the way back to the UK, I was also able to stay raw fairly easily. When we were snowed in and unable to leave the UK as quickly as expected I didn’t stay raw for a few days. Now, back in Florida and I’m excited to begin Banana Island. I’ll be sure to update on it as the days go by.