Day 11 Raw Vegan Journal


I’m at the UK Fruit Festival and it’s the start of Day 2. Yesterday, was so exciting and fun. I met some really great people and the vibe was high. I didn’t feel the food or water situation was ideal for me but that is only because I have been under eating for the past day and half with travel and I feel I need something more substantial. Bananas with greens make me feel the most sated and the most balanced and I haven’t had either since I left the boat.

They did have some beautiful donut peaches and a great vegetable/salad spread for dinner.


I also need more water than I have been drinking since I left the boat. I can only imagine it’s because I’m cleansing.

My physical body has not felt great the past few days either. My joints in my arms and hands ache for most of the day. However, it’s only a dull ache and if I’m doing something else I forget about it so it’s not excruciating or anything. My throat has been a bit sore since yesterday and my digestion is still not ideal. I certainly do look forward to balancing these things out again.

The thing is you never know what you need to heal and to what extent. My body could be dealing with something inside me that is much greater than I know about. To my knowledge it will work on the larger and more complicated issue first before it ever deals with the lesser threatening problems.


Also, I’m tired but also have more energy. I know that doesn’t make sense. I’m not sleeping well. I have a hard time falling asleep and sleep lightly. I dream constantly and they are dreams where I’m working through emotional things, not light and airy dreams. I wake up groggy, tired and still full of mucus.

Still, I am able to keep my energy up during the day, play and have fun. I feel pretty clear and apart from moments, balanced.


I want to take care of myself at this festival obviously but part of that is not pushing myself too hard. Mentally, I want to take part in every activity but I know that could be a detriment to myself.   So, I’ll take it easy and listen to my body.

Yesterdays Food Journal:

2 x Thai coconut water (what a treat!)

1 smoothie from Core Cafe with 1 unripe banana (yuck!), mango and pineapple

1 green juice from Core Cafe

8 Hadwari dates (taste like sticky toffee and so delicious)

3 tangerines

4 peaches

1 large salad with some guacamole and lots of veggies

= Not nearly enough food! 

Going to do better today!!

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Lots of love,