Day 7 Raw Vegan Journal

It’s 7:15am and I just slept for 8.5 hours . When I woke up I barely had any energy to write, my fingers were swollen and  sore and so was my digestion. I had a lot of mucus in the eyes and nose.

I’ve been eating a raw food diet for 7 days now other than the cut up potatoes in my salad 2-3 x to slow down the detox affect and curb my cravings.
This journal is going to be totally real and raw. Often, I see people on Youtube or on blogs who are inspirational but its not often you see what they went through to get to where they are. I think that is important as well because I often wonder if what I’m going though is normal.

Right now when I wake up every day I’m groggy and I’m irritated that I don’t have the energy to run and workout. I cannot wait to be fit and healthy again.  It’s not like me to be so tired.

I have been doing a raw diet on and off since January 2013 when I quit meat and dairy for good. I started the 80 10 10 diet and stayed on it for 2 months. I saw some incredible changes and also went through some incredible detox.IMG_1427

This feels nothing like that as I have been eating pretty clean since then even when I’m not raw. I work on a boat and find it very difficult to stay raw due to space, time and the fact that cooked food is made for us and presented to us daily 2x per day. I have addictions to cooked food like everyone else and once I start, it’s hard to stop.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with a clean, cooked food diet, I just feel my absolute best when I’m raw.

Peanut butter and bread is my weakness when the guests are on board. I stay away from it otherwise. It tastes delicious , its quick and fills me up easily. Plus, it’s a child hood comfort food and it is so comforting when I’m pushing my body for 14 days straight when guests are on board and I’m working 12 hour days.

So, today is day 7 and I’m plugging along. I’m sure I’m under eating but I know the deal. I’m not used to eating this much fruit so my body won’t be able to take in as much as first.

Naps are required in the day and make a huge difference. Even if it’s a 20 minute power nap, it rejuvenates me like nothing else.


My watermelon cake for my 35th birthday on July 14th!

Something else that is fairly new to me but has been uncomfortable is that I am extremely thirsty even though I’m eating high water rich foods and drinking 2-3 liters of water each day. I feel so dry and I’m not sure if the water isn’t getting to my cells, if I have an electrolyte imbalance or if I just need more water. All these changes are challenging but I know they are not in vain.

I’m going to my first Raw food festival, The UK Fruit Festival on the 27th of July and I”m very excited.  I’m excited to meet like minded people, learn , have my questions answered and have delicious raw vegan foods prepared for me!


Simple and delicious.  Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, dill and lime

What I’ve Been Eating

Mornings: Watermelon or Canary Melon then a large smoothie of 6-7 bananas, berries, either chlorella or Barley Grass powder, lettuce and water

Lunch: Either a smoothie or 2 extra large mangoes

Snacks: Cherries or peaches

Dinner: Another small smoothie of 2-3 bananas and berries and then a medium size salad or zoodles with a tomato based sauce

With love,



  • Shirley says:

    I am thinking that all the natural sugars in the fruit may be making you thirsty. It is great that they are natural, however they are high in sugar.
    What do you think?

    • angelaorecchio says:

      My blood sugar is something that I’m healing so you could be right. Blood sugar levels will balance out with less fat intake. It just takes time. Blood sugar issues have everything to do with fat in your blood stream and less to do with sugar. Sugar should be able to move through your bloodstream freely into the cell. If there is a lot of fat in your bloodstream, however, it cannot and will cause issues. That is where I”m at 🙂