My Vegan Pregnancy Weeks 1-22

There are a few things I knew about my life since a young age that absolutely became a reality.  I knew I would travel the world and have a fun career.  I also knew I would love writing, being in nature and find the love of my life.  Those things I was certain of.

Then there have been things that have absolutely floored me in life and I would have never imagined, especially given my track record as a teenager.

For example, I never would have dreamed of becoming a Vegan. I could have never imagined the physical, spiritual and mental growth that were to take place triggered by what I decided to put in my body. I could have never imagined that I would feel such compassion for people and animals that I do now because of how I think about what I put on my plate.

I also never would have imagined that I would get married as I was convinced from a young age that marriage was a recipe for disaster.  AND and I DEFINITELY NEVER imagined that I would want a child.

But here I am, a 6 year Vegan (I do eat bee products from time to time),  married and 22 weeks pregnant.   While I’m aware Veganism, marriage and children are not for everyone I feel so blessed that I grew into desiring them.  What a journey!

22 Weeks Pregnant


These past 22 weeks have been incredible, difficult and everything in between as anyone who has been pregnant knows. My body has gone through so many changes, I hardly recognize it anymore.

Weeks 1-10

During weeks 1-10 I felt completely drained of energy, sick and emotional, all the while hiding my pregnancy from our Crew and everyone else until we found out everything was normal with the baby.

My food staples consisted of oatmeal, a lot of avocado and toast, soup, apples and tangerines as snacks.  I also needed ice cold water with lime to actually feel hydrated after drinking water.   I craved all of these things fiercely and I don’t think I could have made it through without them.  A big surprise to me was that I could not drink the smoothies that I normally drank, I needed a lot more water than usual and I craved salty foods.

I didn’t have a lot of energy to walk, let alone exercise so that was out of the question.  I had to mentally let go of my desire to exercise as it had been a big part of my life for a long time.  I kept telling myself that the way I felt would pass and I’d be back at it in no time.

I also felt a range of emotions from elated to borderline depressed and had to keep reminding myself that too would change and I’d be back to normal eventually. Some days were very hard.

Weeks 10-13

After week 10, thankfully, I started to get my energy back and I started having more good days than bad days. Eventually, almost all negative feelings I had in the first 10 weeks disappeared all together.  I started walking more, eating normally and getting excited about the little one growing inside me.

Every appointment I had was nerve wracking and exciting and we were so happy that all tests came back normal.

At around week 13, after an ultrasound and all tests came back normal we decided to tell family, friends and our Crew.  I was so relieved to be able to tell people and not hide it anymore!

15 Weeks

Week 20-22

The past few weeks have been very exciting. At week 20 we had our anatomy ultrasound and found out it was a boy!  The technician only told Matt and I was to find out later when we had a little cupcake party filled with blue frosting.  I was very surprised it was a boy even though everyone I knew already believed I was having a boy!

My diet has been a very normal but healthy Vegan diet.  I have been taking a whole food supplement called Baby & Me 2, along with my normal Barley Grass Juice powder, Spirulina, chia, flax, hemp smoothies.  I’ve been eating more fat than I usually do because it feels intuitive for me to do so.  I have been listening to what my body craves and needs very intently this pregnancy and I feel great about that decision.

Everything I ate initially I’m still eating and I’ve added other staples such as my morning smoothies,  sprouted pumpkin seeds, Lara Bars, dried organic mangoes, Thai Red Curry with Tofu, Black Bean and Guac Tacos and some Vegan desserts.

Click on links for a delicious and easy Vegan Gingerbread Cookie and Peanut Butter Thumbprint Cookie recipes.

As far as exercise goes, I’ve been able to do some light weights and compound exercises, along with walking longer distances.    My mood has lifted back to it’s normal positivity and every little kick and punch leaves me more and more excited to meet our little one!

One thing I will say that has been a struggle lately is getting used to my changing body size.  It can be difficult watching my self grow when I’ve always been thin and mostly fit.  However, it’s all mental and I know my body is doing exactly what it needs to do to grow a healthy baby.  Again, I feel so blessed.

I’m now at a point in my pregnancy where I’m thinking about my delivery and how life will be afterwards.  I start a Hypnobirthing class at 30 weeks and I’ve met my midwife already and have chosen a beautiful birth center.  Fingers crosses, all goes to plan!

Can you guess the baby’s name?