The Vegan Guide to European Airports

I spend a lot of my time in European airports and it’s often challenging to eat as healthy as I would like to.

However, I still find a way to stay within my own limits.  I do this by planning ahead when I can and then sticking to my boundaries.


Bring your own food

My top tip for eating healthy in European airports is to bring your own food.  I always carry at least snacks such as apples, tangerines and snack bars.  These types of foods travel well and are easy to eat without much mess.  If you can make your own food and bring it in tupperware even better.

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Many European airports have fresh smoothies if you look for them. Often they will make you a custom smoothie as well if you ask.


Almost every airport has salads for sale.  If the salads on offer aren’t very exciting,  try finding healthy items such as nuts other veggies or lentils to put on top of them.

Restaurant Food

When eating at European airport restaurants I create a balanced plate by piecing together items on the menu. Some items include, salad, avocado, beans, lentils, veggies and grains.

Nuts & Snack Bars

Yuu can almost always find nuts in any airport and sometimes healthier snack bars as well.  However, I never bet on finding whole food snack bars so I bring my own.

How do you eat as a Vegan in European airports?




  • Tabby says:

    I’ve actually found that European airports will often have the usual predictable things like a falafel and houmous wrap, or avocado on toast from a restaurant to keep me going! It’s always a relief to see a Pret a Manger as you know there’s going to be a fair bit of choice – I was disappointed that the airport in Barcelona was awful for vegan options given that the city itself is amaaaaazing for vegan food, but luckily I’d done as you do and taken food with me! Packing snacks is definitely still crucial!