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Sienna is invited to her first Halloween party, but she’s worried it will be too scary. 

Will there be real witches, monsters and ghosts there?


Can she overcome her fears and join in on a little spooky fun?

Watch as Sienna as the kids carve pumpkins, play pin the wart on the witch and go on a scavenger hunt—and get scared!

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When Sienna can´t find her cat, Luna, she´s worried she might be lost forever.

Will Sienna find Luna playing outside in the leaves or hiding in the pumpkin patch? Maybe Luna has gone on an adventure all her own?

Join Sienna on Thanksgiving Day as she searches for Luna and learns the importance of trying her best in a difficult situation.

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When Sienna’s friend has to spend Christmas in the hospital, she wonders how she will be able to celebrate without a tree and gifts.


Can Sienna help her friend have a special holiday even in the hospital? Will she learn that there are other ways to spread Christmas cheer?


Join Sienna and her friends as they decorate, make hot chocolate and sing carols— and learn about the true spirit of Christmas!

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Summer´s favorite doll, Kelly, has a tummy ache.  Mama thinks it´s best to see a doctor but Summer is nervous.   


At the doctor’s office, Summer takes Kelly´s temperature, listens to Kelly´s heartbeat and shows Kelly how to be brave even when she´s scared.


At the end of the visit, Summer gets a special sticker from the doctor for being such a good patient.

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Come on an ABC adventure with Riley the Dog and friends.

Come on an color adventure with Riley the Dog and friends.

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