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My First Children's Book Releases TODAY!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

I started writing stories when I was a child. Writing was something I felt confident doing and I loved the feeling of getting into the creative flow.

As an adult I wrote a blog and I also wrote regularly for a few online magazines and newspapers. When I had my son, Maverick, I took a break from writing all together. I barely had time to shower or sleep, let alone write. I even stopped writing on my blog or on any social media. In hindsight it was a good break.

Even though Maverick was young, we read a lot of children's books.

One morning I sat down at my computer and a children's story poured out of me.

It felt so good to write again and even better to do it creatively. I signed up for an online children's book course. In the class I wrote the book I'm launching today, Sienna's Scary Halloween Party.

I love Halloween and always have. My Mom and I always made it so fun with costumes, parties, trick-or- treating and our traditions. Now, I look forward to seeing Halloween through the eyes of my son and creating new memories with him.

The story is written for kids ages 2-4 and it's about Sienna overcoming her fears at her first Halloween party. Sienna learns to be brave and finds out the party is a lot of fun with a dash of spookiness.

Since Halloween is coming up soon,what better time to release a children's book about Halloween ?

The ebook version is available in the Amazon Store HERE.

In honor of the launch, I wanted to offer the eBook to you for .99 cents for 2 days (TODAY and TOMORROW). Then the price will change to $2.99. You can download it immediately HERE.

Please share with your friends and family as well!

With every purchase of the Ebook, you'll also receive FREE "Sienna's Scary Halloween Party" coloring pages in PDF to print and color with your little ones.


My goal is to make this an Amazon Bestseller. This will help the book become more easily found organically later and also help people make the decision to buy it.

There are two ways that Amazon ranks bestsellers.

  1. The number of reviews

  2. How many sales are generated

Would you mind leaving an honest review on Amazon for me? It just needs to be a sentence or two about what you think about the book. My goal is 100 sales and 50 honest reviews on Amazon in the next 24 hours!

I'd also be honored if you'd consider purchasing a physical copy of the book. Ebooks are great, but there's nothing like holding a real book. Maybe someone else you know would like it to help get their little one's in the Halloween spirit.

I'd be so grateful if you would:

  1. Download the eBook now, and please leave an honest review on Amazon

  2. Consider purchasing a physical copy for you and for someone else once it's available

  3. Share the news on social media and with your friends and family (they can also download a copy at it's sale price today and tomorrow).

The eBook can be read with the Free Kindle App on any smartphone or tablet. It can also be read on any computer with the Free Kindle App (for Mac’s, download HERE; for PC’s, download HERE).

Thank you so much for your support and helping Sienna's Scary Halloween become an Amazon best seller!



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